Rush Limbaugh: GOP Could Have Landslide Victory If ‘Election Could Be Decided On Social Issues’


Following the ongoing hoopla surrounding Rick Santorum‘s views on contraception and the president’s health care mandate, Rush Limbaugh took to his radio show to slam the media’s coverage of a culture war and discuss the “abysmal state of our culture.”

The birth control controversy, he said, is aimed at those people whose lives consist of “getting up, finding somebody to have sex with, maybe somebody else, then going to bed, getting up and repeating it.” He went on to add:

You tell them that a Republican wants to take away their birth control pills, and they don’t care what else is going on. This is what the objective is. … They get up…screw as many people as they can before they go to bed, get up, do it again. You know the people I’m talking about. … The news media is now calling the so-called controversy over Obama’s birth control mandate a culture war. But don’t forget who started this! Obama started this.

Limbaugh added that the phrase “culture war” is all over cable news, but that “none of this is real. None of this really happened.” Democrats set it up. Furthermore, he stated, “Look at the abysmal state of our culture. We are in a period of cultural depravity and rot, and everybody knows it. Are we not?”

The supposed culture war, he said, is basically a distraction:

What does it do? It takes everybody’s attention away from the ongoing economic destruction. I don’t care about the unemployment numbers today and I don’t care about the so-called improvement in jobs and Obama’s approval numbers. They desperately want people’s attention off of the economy and Obamacare. And the culture war, they think they can go back to their archive pages and bring that issue back.

Limbaugh also said the Republicans take the right side on social issues, and the American people would support their views:

But is the lack of free birth control really the most important social issue facing the country today? I don’t think so. In fact, something tells me, that if the upcoming election could be decided on social issues, the Republicans could win that in a landslide, because we are on the right side of the culture war. The problem is, we’re scared to death of it. The Republican establishment wants no part of it.

Well, whether Republicans would win such an election, we’ll never know. But for now, the contraception issue continues to dominate headlines.

Listen to the full segment:

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