Rush Limbaugh Reacts To ‘Blonde Bombshell’ Herman Cain Accuser, Has Much Fun With The ‘Babe’s’ Name

Limbaugh Reacts To 'Blonde Bombshell' Herman Cain Accuser

Rush Limbaugh has been providing us with no shortage of choice quotes throughout the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal. So far, he’s reminded us that women can lie, liberals are racist, and that conservatives should defend Cain no matter what. Thus, it should be no surprise that he had quite a bit to say on today’s big press conference with the fourth Cain accuser. It’s also no surprise that it didn’t take him that long to realize the last name of the woman, Sharon Bialek, sounds kind of like “Buy a Lick.”

Hilarity ensued.

Limbaugh began by wondering if Gloria Allred had scheduled the press conference around the other big, TV camera-filled event of the day. Next, he wondered how pissed off Politico must be that they couldn’t get “blonde bombshell” Bialek’s story. However, the real radio gold happened later when, during a break, Limbaugh or someone on his staff had the genius realization that Bialek is accusing Cain of trying to trade fellatio for a job and her name kind of sounds like “Buy a Lick.” That was just too perfect for Limbaugh who helpfully explained the joke to his radio listeners with a loud, wet licking noise.

I can only imagine that at least 20 or so car accidents were caused by listeners desperately trying to change the channel at that exact moment.

Listen to both clips below:


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