Limbaugh Scolds Gore For Separation Because Divorce Causes Global Warming

The news of Al and Tipper Gore‘s separation, for most in the media, came as a sudden minor tragedy, and not exactly something to be made light of. In the talk radio world, Rush Limbaugh saw it as a chance for a good laugh at the expense of Gore’s career as an environmental activist yesterday, finding an old report that suggested a high divorce rate in a country could contribute to global warming.

Limbaugh opened up the segment with a disclaimer that “the separation is not funny,” but global warming, apparently, is, which is why Limbaugh found a way to tie his recent announcement of separation in with his most beloved cause. Limbaugh found a report suggesting that, because it meant more human beings living in a wider area, “a rising tide of divorce is taking a huge toll on the planet.” He also blamed “the environmentalist whackos” for giving him a reason to bring it up, because it was they, according to Limbaugh, who came up with the thesis that there was a link between divorce and global warming.

Here is Mr. Global Warming,” he concludes, “a Nobel Peace Prize winner, now contributing to his own crisis.” Audio from his radio program below (h/t The Daily Beast):

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