Rush Limbaugh: ‘Shame On The Republicans Who Piled On Herman Cain’


First they came for Herman Cain
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Herman Cain fan…

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh seemed to be channeling a famous post-World War II poem in his public shaming of establishment conservatives who didn’t rush to Cain’s defense when the sexual harassment settlement story first broke. Limbaugh argued that, whatever the risks of the story possibly turning out to be true, conservatives should have stood up for their own. Unfortunately, however, some appear to have forgotten that they are, as Limbaugh sees it, “at war.”

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“All Republicans, all conservatives, if you are one of those who treated Herman Cain as though he was guilty just because of his unpracticed response to vague suggestions of legal or immoral or unethical behavior. If you caved just to look good to the mainstream media, if you piled on Herman Cain just so the rest of the mainstream media wouldn’t associate you with the ragtag conservatism you don’t like, then shame on you! Because here’s a promise that you can take to the bank. Every one of you Republicans, other nominees in the media, elected politics, you can take to the bank that your guy is going to be next.”

Limbaugh, on the other hand, knew just what to do. The instant the story broke, he was ready to accuse everyone covering it of racism. His defense was so good that he’s even got a cameo as “Voice of Outrage #2” in Cain’s new campaign ad.

The rest of you, though…for shame.

Listen to the clip below:


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