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Russia Concern Trolls the U.S. Over Iraqi Violence: ‘We Warned’ You

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday that his country had “warned long ago” that U.S. and British “adventurism” in Iraq would not go well, a prediction he said was playing out as Islamic militants seized control of several large Iraqi cities.

Lavrov said the “the situation in Iraq has been deteriorating at an exponential rate” since former President George W Bush declared Mission Accomplished.

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“Iraq’s unity has been called into question,” Lavrov said. “Terrorism is rampant there because the occupation forces paid virtually no attention to the internal political processes, and didn’t facilitate national dialogue, but pursued their own interests exclusively.”

In a separate statement, the foreign ministry’s spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich wrote, “There is not doubt that those who invaded Iraq over 10 years ago, and continued to impose their decisions and their will on the nations of the region, abetted the start of the destabilization process to a large extent.”

Lavrov had criticism of President Barack Obama, whom he said had prematurely withdrawn U.S. troops from the country to ease domestic pressures.

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