Ryan: Trump Was ‘Apologetic’ For Encouraging People to Watch Fox’s Pirro Blast Speaker

President Donald Trump is notoriously loath to apologize for anything. But according to House Speaker Paul Ryan, the president gave him an “I’m sorry” for a tweet over the weekend that he said was purely a coincidence.

In an interview that aired on CBS This Morning Thursday, Ryan discussed his interaction with Trump following a tweet the president sent out encouraging his followers to watch Jeanine Pirro‘s show on Fox News Saturday night.

Pirro went on to blast Ryan in a fiery six-minute monologue, calling for the Wisconsin representative to resign his Speakership over the GOP’s failed health care overhaul.

On Thursday, Ryan told CBS that the president said there was no malicious intent behind his tweet.

“He actually was very apologetic about it,” Ryan said. “In that he said, ‘I had no idea that that’s what she was gonna talk about… I thought she was going to talk about something else.’ So really that was completely coincidental.”

Ryan went on to claim that he has a “very good” relationship with the president, despite disavowing him during the 2016 campaign. “We talk frequently, actually,” Ryan said.

As for the comments from Pirro, Ryan claims that he has shaken them off. “This is one of those jobs where you take a bunch of slings and arrows,” Ryan said. “You just know that.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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