Sam Bee Slams Steve Doocy, Laura Ingraham, and the GOP Who Won by ‘Appealing Exclusively to Whites’


On Monday night’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the host took on the issue of “identity politics,” a term that has been thrown around a lot throughout the 2016 cycle to describe the inclinations of large swaths of voters. The focus of her segment was on Democrats who are, in Bee’s assessment, lost in the wilderness after suffering a defeat that saw them lose the White House, the Supreme Court, “and the will to live.”

Bee targeted many influential conservatives in the media who have largely taken to the Fox News airwaves to harangue liberals for worrying about, as Steve Doocy called it, “greenhouse gas and stuff like that.”

“I know!” exclaimed Bee sarcastically. “When is the left going to fuck off with that greenhouse gas shit and talk about something that effects all of us?” She continued her assault on the right by calling out the Republican base, “the party that won by appealing exclusively to whites.”

Even radio host Laura Ingraham earned a few zingers from the Full Frontal host, namely after a recent clip on Bret Baier Reports where Ingraham defiantly asserted, “Cultural issues don’t matter.” As Bee happily pointed out, Ingraham’s wears a cross around her neck, prompting the late night host to retort, “…says the woman who wears her cultural identity around her neck or trying to ward off vampires.”

Despite the criticisms from the right about the ways in which Democrats focused their campaign efforts, now is not the time to abandon their voting base urges Bee. “If your panic over a loss makes you abandon both your principles and the people who actually vote for you, then you’ll be in the wilderness for a decade,” she said, continuing, “Or until Trump’s cabinet sells the wilderness to oil companies, so really, about a month.”

Watch above via Full Frontal.

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