Samantha Bee on Not Being Offered Daily Show Hosting Gig: ‘I’m Very Zen About It’


In the Trevor Noah era of The Daily Show, the young host’s tenure as successor to Jon Stewart has been criticized and challenged in a variety of blog thought-pieces, usually ending with the writer asking the question, “Why wasn’t Samantha Bee offered the gig?” The twelve year veteran of the Comedy Central late night franchise is now winning viewers over on TBS with Full Frontal, taking aim at the 2016 race just as well, if not better, than anyone in the boys’ club.

During a sit-down with Katie Couric for Yahoo, Bee admitted that she seems at peace with the decision by the powers-at-be to hand the show over to Noah, who had been an on-air correspondent just three times before the promotion. “You weren’t approached which I found sort of bizarre,” said Couric.

“I am completely… I am very zen about it,” Bee responded (an interesting choice of words given the eminent Stewart sign-off ‘Moment of Zen‘ segment). The comedian admits that during the time that Comedy Central was undergoing its transition, she had been hoping for her pilot — The Detour — to be picked up by TBS (it premiered last week). In addition to the sitcom starring her husband Jason Jones, the network “swooped in” with an offer to helm Full Frontal using her Daily Show chops.

Bee has previously cited family as a concern surrounding a possible commitment to the Daily Show franchise (she has three children under 11 years of age). She says of her old stomping grounds, “long standing relationships remain there.”

Watch the above interview from Yahoo.
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J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is a columnist at Mediaite.

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