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A Sarah Palin ‘Favored’ Tweet…May Be Racist Against Obama?

Sarah Palin‘s Twitter is getting her in trouble again. Palin recently favorited a Tweet from Ann Coulter that included a questionable picture.

@AnnCoulter: MY NEW CHURCH! RT@marclamonthill @AnnCoulter standing in front of pastor manning’s church. Look at this sign!

The sign in the picture reads: “The blood of Jesus against Obama. History made Nov 4 2008. A Taliban Muslim illegally elected President USA: Hussein.”

So, your typical Birther stuff. Also your typical Ann Coulter stuff, but generally speaking probably the sort of line of opposition Sarah Palin, er, wants to stay away from. Far way. In all begrudging fairness, a) Sarah Palin may not actually run her Twitter account (though her refudiating suggests she does) and b) Favoriting can happen by accident (she did not RT). Either way! Probably a good time to unfavorite! What is funny for Ann Coulter is not funny for someone who enjoys leading people to believe she might be running for President. Actually, it’s mostly just stupid.

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