Say It Ain’t So, Boomer! ESPN Legend Chris Berman Will Retire After 2016 NFL Season


It truly will be the end of an era.

For football fans all around this country, no football coverage in the fall is complete with Sunday night’s The Blitz and Monday Night Football, both recognizable properties helmed by the great sportscaster Chris Berman. The 61-year-old nicknamed “Boomer” joined ESPN just one month after it beginning in 1979, and has become one of the most recognizable and trusted faces in all of sports broadcasting.

But according to a report from The Big Lead, the 2016 NFL season will be Boomer’s last. As for a potential replacement for the TV titan? From TBL:

Many have written that longtime NFL Live host Trey Wingo is a natural fit to replace Berman, but there is a strong internal push for Suzy Kolber to take over Berman’s chair.

Fans will easily recognize both Wingo and Kolber as longtime network personalities, but no decision is expected to come anytime soon. At the very least, it seems as if Berman’s big exit from ESPN is coming on his own terms, which is much, much more than can be said for other network vets.

When he resigned an extension in 2012, Berman said of his longevity with the network, “I never could have dreamed that ESPN would be my home as a young man in his 20s all the way to a not-so-young man in his 60s. It’s always been a privilege to work alongside thousands of colleagues who love the sports we cover and the people who make them so special.”

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