Anthony Scaramucci: Steve Bannon’s Toleration for White Nationalism Is ‘Inexcusable’


After criticizing Steve Bannon on ABC’s This Week, Anthony Scaramucci did it again in an online-only segment.

ABC News political director Rick Klein asked him a bunch of viewer questions on many issues from leaks to Reince Priebus, but Charlottesville came up again.

One viewer posed this question that Klein asked: “Do you believe Steve Bannon is behind the President’s unwillingness to specifically name white supremacy in yesterday’s events? How much influence does the white supremacy movement and Breitbart have over this President?”

Scaramucci dismissed the idea that Trump is Bannon’s “puppet” or something like that, going on to criticize the “Bannonbart” wing yet again for engaging in “nasty stuff.”

Minutes later, Klein brought up another viewer’s question about his views on the alt-right. This is what Scaramucci had to say:

“There are elements of the alt-right––people are not gonna like me saying this––there are elements of the alt-right that I think have actually been quite beneficial. Steve Bannon’s a great speechwriter… But the overall, overwhelming sentiment of this nonsense of white nationalism, white supremacy, all of this sort of nonsense––it’s not really representative of America. It’s not really representative of the American experiment or the ideals.”

Klein directly asked, “Is Steve Bannon a white nationalist, a white supremacist, in your view?”

Scaramucci said he does not know, but added, “The toleration of it by Steve Bannon is inexcusable.”

Watch above (the relevant part starts at the 13-minute mark), via ABC News.

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