Scarborough: Jim Acosta ‘Went Off the Rails,’ Like He Was Quoting ‘Mein Kampf’


Yesterday’s White House press briefing didn’t run short of fireworks. With Stephen Miller at the podium, expectations of conflict were high — and we were not disappointed.

CNN’s “objective” Jim Acosta led the charge in a now infamous exchange with Miller which involved quoting the Statue of Liberty, ethnic engineering, and “cosmopolitan bias.”

On Morning Joe, Thursday, the gang assembled to dissect the exchange, with the general consensus being that Acosta’s overly emotional performance made him the loser.

The show conservatives, came out hard and fast.

“It was a very spirited debate between two very spirited ideologues on the issue of immigration and one of those spirited ideologues happened to be a supposedly objective news reporter for CNN, said Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney. “This is why people hate the press.”

Commentary editor John Podhoretz — who noted how his grandparents arrival in America likely saved them from the Nazis — wasn’t any friendlier.

“Having a reporter yammer at a White House official by quoting Emma Lazarus’ poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty as though that’s the basis for policy, something written in 1883, we’re living in 2017, and like keeping going, that was part of it, it was so obnoxious.”

Scarborough held his fire at first. Perhaps the newly christened “independent” was taking the temperature of his panel. When he did speak, it wasn’t a typical rant about liars, or stupid officials, and President Bannon — but it was cutting.

“Where things seemed to really melt down was when Jim Acosta — we’re certainly not putting this on Jim Acosta — … but when Jim Acosta used the language, it seems like your polices are trying to engineer racial and ethnic percentages or something it sure sounded like something that you would read out of Mein Kampf or something … It’s something we would have accused the Serbs of doing in the 1990s, at that point it went off the rails.”

Though far more measured in delivery, the critique was no less brutal than the many he has lobbed at Sean Hannity over the last few months.

The show’s resident liberal, Mika Brzezinski, offered a defense of Acosta, but even she couched her words in the Millennial language of excuses. She declined to defend the CNN reporter outright, but rather said his emotion was understandable in these emotional times.

“I don’t think there’s anybody on this set who hasn’t gotten too personal during this presidency and I don’t think that’s just our fault,” she said. “I think this has been one of the most disturbing moments in history, to watch this presidency and the cacophony of lies spilling out every day.”

Only highlights here — the whole discussion is worth a watch.

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