Scarborough: ‘NATO Would Be Much Stronger’ With a Trump Tower in Berlin

During the first hour of Monday’s Morning Joe, Joe, Mika and the rest of the gang dedicated some air time to an intriguing New York Times report suggesting that President Trump’s business interests could be coloring his foreign policy.

“President Trump’s numerous ties to the Persian gulf region are coming under new scrutiny,” said Mika Brzezinski. “The New York Times reports that Trump has had business dealings with royals from Saudi Arabia for over two decades, has earned millions from golf courses in the UAE and has tried for years to enter the booming Qatari market. Now as hostilities have broken out, between those three U.S. allies in the gulf, Trump has chosen to support both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the two countries in which he has the most business ties.”

Per the Times:

Mr. Trump is the first president in 40 years to retain his personal business interests after entering the White House. Other senior officials in the executive branch are required to divest their assets. Critics say his singular decision to hold on to his global business empire inevitably casts a doubt on his motives, especially when his public actions dovetail with his business interests.

And it’s true, Trump has been unusually cozy in places like the Philippines — where he has a handsome property — even though its leader is engaged in a murderous domestic campaign against narcotics.

Joe broke it down.

“Look at these countries where they have questionable civil rights positions, questionable human rights positions, and yet the president time and time again, where there are business interests seems to turn a blind eye,” he said. “We were joking about it, but it’s a shame he didn’t have a Trump Tower in Berlin and Paris, NATO would be much stronger today if he did.”

… yes — “joking”

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