School Bans Lesbian Couple From Being Elected Prom Queens Because It’s Not Fair for Boys


Despite their nomination as a couple by fellow students, two female high-schoolers are being told that their prom royalty eligibility has been rejected because it isn’t “fair” to their male peers.

Hayley Lack is a senior at Foothill High School in Palo Cedro, CA, and according to Redding Record Searchlight, she and her girlfriend Jenna Waite received “overwhelming” support in their bid to have the school let couples run together on this year’s prom ballots. The girls wanted to do away with the school’s categorizations of male and female students, but now, they are pushing back on Foothill’s decision to keep the titles of Prom King and Queen with their traditional gender.

Foothill principal Jim Bartow stated that having two queens would be “not fair to the boy gender,” and he asked the couple to run as individuals. He emphasized that the decision was made to promote gender equality, not heterosexuality, and that “it’s got to be equal for both genders and that’s what it is all about.”

Lack, however, argues that the school is making excuses for not wanting a gay couple to win, and she is pushing a petition to make students eligible for Prom royalty outside of their traditional gender roles.

“Their argument doesn’t make sense to me,” Lack said. “We don’t need a female on the football team or a male cheerleader to be fair. Why do we need a guy when the couple nominated is a female couple?”

Watch Lack talk about the decision in the video above, via Redding Record Searchlight.

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