Sen. McConnell: ‘I Refuse To Help Obama Get Re-Elected’ By Making GOP Co-Owners Of A Bad Economy


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke with Laura Ingraham to explain the rationale behind his controversial “back-up plan” to allow for the debt ceiling to be raised through a process where no Republicans would have to cast a vote in support of it. Although many view McConnell’s plan as a “strategic defeat,” McConnell attempted to explain why Republicans should at least appreciate the politics behind his plan.

McConnell stressed that he had hoped to get a good deal with many spending cuts and no tax increases, but with this “liberal President,” he began to realize such a deal was not likely. Therefore, he concluded:

“If we go into default [Obama] will say that Republicans are making the economy worse and try to convince the public, maybe with some merit, if people start not getting their Social Security checks… and all of a sudden we have co-ownership of a bad economy. That is very bad positioning going into an election. But my first choice was to do something important for the country. My second obligation is to my party and to my conference, to prevent them from being sucked in to a horrible position politically that would allow the President to probably get re-elected.”

And since he was determined to “refuse to help Barack Obama get re-elected by marching Republicans into a position where we have co-ownership of a bad economy,” McConnell hatched this plan that gives Obama the authority to essentially raise the debt ceiling unilaterally. Ingraham asked whether ceding legislative authority to the President sets a bad precedent and also wondered why McConnell was so sure Obama might not have blinked first? “Isn’t there a chance that he would blink, if you run it up until the very end, why not force it until the very end?” Ingraham asked. Yet McConnell didn’t lose focus of his apparent willingness to take any steps necessary to guarantee that Obama serves only one term. He repeated several times, “it’s his economy,” and until 2012 McConnell is determined to keep it that way.

Listen to the clip below from The Laura Ingraham Show:

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