Sen. Merkley Knocks the Washington Post For Suggesting Puerto Ricans Aren’t American

In the wake of the absolute devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, it seemed pretty disturbing that there wasn’t much news coverage or attention paid to the storm or the immediate aftermath, especially in comparison to recent American storms Harvey and Irma. And it would appear that much of the reason, besides President Donald Trump’s obsession with NFL players kneeling, is that a large portion of Americans don’t realize Puerto Ricans are US citizens.

It looks like that confusion includes the headline writers at the Washington Post.

This morning, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) tweeted out a picture of a physical copy of the newspaper, showing a headline of a story about travelers stuck in Puerto Rico that read “‘Why can’t we get out of here?’ asks stranded American.”

And he shamed the paper for the headline:

Shortly after Merkley posted his tweet, the paper’s fact checker Glenn Kessler replied, noting that it was a “bad headline” in an early edition but that it had since been fixed, providing photographic proof:

[image via screengrab]

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