Seth MacFarlane On Sanders: ‘Made Me Feel Okay About Coming Out’ On Democratic Socialism

Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane came onstage at a political rally for Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles. No, it was nowhere near as godawful(ly hilarious) as his 2013 Academy Awards hosting gig, but between the political humor and the bare minimum one gay joke, MacFarlane was basically himself the entire time.

He initially poked fun at Jim Webb and the other major Democratic candidates from Tuesday night’s debate, saying he’d “be brief to make sure that Jim Webb has a chance to talk.” Yet the real fireworks began when MacFarlane roasted Sanders himself for his “climate change” answer to Anderson Cooper‘s question about what the nation’s greatest national security threat was. And by “roast,” I mean “support” — albeit with a plea to see Sanders shirtless.

“You cannot bribe this guy,” MacFarlane joked. “I offered him $10,000 to come out here tonight shirtless and wearing a raw turkey on his head like Mr. Bean. He would not do it.”

For this reason, the comedian argued that Sanders was (and could be) a good leader, especially since otherwise misinformed criticisms about socialism and democratic socialism have been lobbied at him from the beginning. MacFarlane rejected those attacks, saying that Sanders made him “feel okay about coming out.”

Yes, we get it Seth. It’s a gay joke. At least it wasn’t as terrible as your quip about pre-New Deal factories employing underage children to knit “colorful sweaters for Bill Cosby.”

Check out the clip above.

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