Sharyl Attkisson Has a New Job in Journalism

Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson is back to work, this time as a senior independent contributor for The Daily Signal, a brand-new site run by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. The website launched today, and one of the first reports it posted was one by Attkisson about government experimentation on premature babies.

Heritage is launching the site to bring attention to “really good stories that go unreported or under-reported,” and in an interview with a Daily Signal news producer, Attkisson gets at the same goal; she wants to bring “underserved stories” to people’s attention in a forum that allows her to conduct the kind of investigative journalism she doesn’t believe the media has the appetite for these days.

She explains she signed on with The Daily Signal because they’re giving her a good platform to do that kind of reporting. Attkisson also bemoans how much of the media directs the news as opposed to just putting it out there and letting it speak for itself.

You can watch the video below, via The Daily Signal:

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