SNL’s Colin Jost Goes on Epic Twitter Rant Against Time Warner Cable


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With Saturday Night Live on summer hiatus for a few months, Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost likely has a lot of extra time on his hands. So, on Wednesday night, he decided to use his Twitter account to say publicly what everyone who has ever had to deal with Time Warner Cable has been thinking to themselves.

Below are some of the most brutal tweets, most of which are funnier than your average Weekend Update joke:

After an hour or so of this, TWC’s Help Twitter started responding with a vague offer to help, but no real solutions:

While Jost was complaining about the last few months of service, his hatred of the cable company dates back years, to a New Yorker humor piece he wrote in 2011 titled, “Explaining Your Time Warner Bill.” It included line items like $2.15 for “Piers Morgan’s dental plan” and $12.99 for “We’re going to Hell.”

If Jost thought he was going to get helpful customer service after that, he was clearly mistaken.

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