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Toobin: Trump’s CNN Hatred ‘Relevant’ to DOJ Action on AT&T-Time Warner Deal

DOJ Files Lawsuit to Block AT&T-Time Warner Deal (UPDATED)

Jared Kushner Reportedly Told a Time Warner Exec CNN Should Fire 20% of Staff

AT&T CEO: I ‘Have No Intention’ of Selling CNN, Never Offered to Do So

Twitter Flips Out Over Reports About DOJ Demanding CNN Sale: ‘WHHAAAT’

DOJ Reportedly Telling Time Warner to Sell CNN Before AT&T Merger Approved

CNN’s Stelter Presses Conway on Trump’s Involvement in AT&T-Time Warner Deal Review

AT&T CEO Doesn’t Commit To Keeping Jeff Zucker as CNN President Post-Merger

CNN President Jeff Zucker Could Reportedly Be ‘Neutralized’ as Part of AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Jared Kushner Reportedly Met With Senior Time Warner Executive to Complain About CNN’s Coverage

Time Warner CEO: ‘Real Threat to the First Amendment’ Came from Dems, Not Trump

AT&T Has Agreed to Acquire Time Warner in $85 Billion Media Deal (UPDATED)

Trump: I Would Stop AT&T-Time Warner Merger, ‘Deals Like This Destroy Democracy’

Telecom Giants Have Overwhelmingly Donated to Hillary Clinton

Is Apple Buying Up Time Warner?

Giant Cable Companies Merging Is Bad for You; Only Savior Is an Uber for the Internet

Fox Ends Bid to Acquire Time Warner

Bill Maher Fears He Will Lose His Job if Rupert Murdoch Buys Time Warner

Murdoch Reportedly Selling Sky Assets to Boost Time Warner Bid

How Fox Buying Time Warner Could Have Seriously Helped CNN

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