Snowden Comes In From The Cold: Whistle Blower Agrees To Stop Leaks In Exchange For Russian Asylum

NSA leaker Edward Snowden may agree to stop leaking classified information in exchange for temporary asylum from Russia, the Associated Press reported Saturday morning.

Snowden met with human rights activists on Friday and informed them that he intended to apply for temporary Russian asylum while finalizing a permanent destination, though Russian authorities say no application from Snowden has yet been received.

Snowden had previously applied for asylum to Russian President and New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII Champion Vladimir Putin, but Putin had made asylum conditional on a cessation of leaks, to which Snowden declined to agree. That was before several weeks in a legal netherworld within Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, where Snowden has been stuck since his flight from Hong Kong landed and his passport was revoked.

Those present at Friday’s meeting say Snowden is now willing to consider stopping the disclosure of classified information in exchange for Putin’s protection.

Several countries are considering giving him asylum, with Venezuela leading the pack, but first Snowden has to get there.

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[h/t Huffington Post]

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