So It Turns Out the Trump Campaign Has Surprisingly Little Cash on Hand


8566727275_844dbb58a9_bThe May FEC campaign finance numbers are out, and they are not good for Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign began May with $2.41 million in cash on hand, and they went into June with only $1.29 million on hand.

The Hillary Clinton campaign, meanwhile, started May with $30.16 million in cash on hand. They went into June with $42.46 million in cash on hand.

The Trump campaign raised a little over 3 million last month. The Clinton campaign raised, well, millions and millions more than that.

Oh, and during that month-long period, Trump loaned his own campaign $2.2 million.

If you’re looking for some perspective here…:

Now, Trump proudly declared throughout the primary process that he was self-funding his campaign (even if he kinda wasn’t), but he indicated last month (during the above low cash flow) that he won’t be completely self-funding.

Now, did the Trump campaign anticipate a problem here when the numbers came out? Well, it’s not like they just fired anyone who might have been responsible for managing the campaign…

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