Spicer: Trump Can’t Reveal Source of Classified Info Because He ‘Wasn’t Briefed’ On It


With the news cycle completely consumed by the revelation that President Donald Trump divulged highly classified information to Russian officials during a meeting at the White House, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held an off-camera press briefing today. And during that gathering with reporters, he pointed out that Trump can’t speak to the source of that info he gave out because he doesn’t know where it came from.

Asked if the administration feels that the reporting of Trump’s actions is perhaps an effort by the intelligence community to undermine the president as he attempts to reset the relationship with Russia, Spicer pointed to comments made by National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster to highlight that the president is unaware of the information’s origin.

“It would be impossible for the president to reveal the source of the information because as General McMaster made very clear, as he was leaving this podium, the president wasn’t briefed on the information and wasn’t aware of the source,” Spicer told reporters. “So the president wasn’t aware of this. This wasn’t part of his briefing, so therefore to suggest that therefore he revealed it is impossible.”

The press secretary did add that it is still very dangerous and undermines national security for this to be leaked to the press.

Later in the briefing, Spicer would be pressed again on the president’s thoughts on the media reports about his Russian meeting and if Trump felt they impacted national security.

“Well, I think consistent with what he has said for a long time, that the leaks of classified information or sensitive information represent — there is a reason that they’re classified,” he stated. The disclosure of them — the non-authorized disclosure of them present a threat to national security.”

Spicer would also be asked about the possibility that this situation could damage America’s relationship with Israel and if Trump has contacted them to smooth things over, as it’s been reported Israel was the source of the classified info. The White House spokesperson merely said he couldn’t get into that kind of discussion.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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