Stacey Dash Applauds Brexit, Says It’s a Warning to Clinton Supporters

DashSpeaking on Fox’s Outnumbered Friday, Stacey Dash was enthusiastic, if unclear, in her support of the United Kingdom’s public referendum vote to leave the European Union.

“This is, I mean, extraordinary evidence that socialism just does not work. It doesn’t work,” she said.

The so-called Brexit (British exit) movement was spurred in large part by a desire to curb immigration and to get out from EU regulations and membership fees that Leave proponents argued were onerous and hurtful to the nation’s economy. “Socialism” was not at issue.

Dash continued: “And I think that this is perfect. This is perfect for us. And if anyone is thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton, they need to look at this and think again.”

Though the camera remained trained on her for several moments, Dash did not elaborate on what she meant by that.

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