WATCH: Boris Johnson’s Sister Strips on UK’s Sky TV to Protest Brexit


Things got a little bare on UK’s Sky TV when a panelist on the debate show The Pledge decided to strip off her top to protest Brexit.

And it just so happens, the panelist was Rachel Johnson, the sister of Brexiteer and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

It seems a Cambridge University professor named Victoria Bateman has been making her anti-Brexit point by campaigning nude, stripping down during a radio interview and other media appearances and even challenging a prominent Brexiteer to a naked debate.

In a tribute to Bateman’s naked efforts, Johnson, a  Remain campaigner, decided to follow suit while on the air.

“As I know, it can be hard to get your voice heard when talking about Brexit nowadays. It feels like we have hit saturation point,” Johnson said, noting that she planned to follow in Bateman’s example “every time we talk about Brexit, just to make sure I get noticed around this table.”

The fellow panelists giggled and one said “Go Rachel!” as Johnson stripped off her top.

“Alright then, I’ll get dressed, I’ll put them away,” she then said. “Someone else can tell us what’s coming up on the program.”

Her stunt drew a swift reaction on Twitter.

She later said she was not entirely topless and was actually wearing a “boob tube.”


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