Syrian Movement, Preparation Of Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Worries Experts

Syrian officials are reportedly moving their stockpiles of chemical weapons to multiple locations across the nation. Officials are concerned that the embattled Syrian regime, more than one year into a bloody civil war, may be considering using weapons of mass destruction on civilian locations.

On Friday, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed that intelligence reports suggest that Syria is moving portions of their chemical weapons stockpiles out of storage. Panetta could not confirm whether or not the Syrian army was in control of their entire arsenal or if rebels had taken control of some assets.

On September 18, the Jerusalem Post reported that Syrian military officials, in coordination with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, tested their chemical weapons firing systems.

This is the second time Syrian officials have moved their chemical weapons stockpiles. Multiple news agencies reported on July 13 that Syrian officials began to move their chemical weapons out of storage.

Syria has one of the world’s largest undeclared chemical weapon stockpiles which include sarin nerve gas, mustard gas and cyanide.

h/t AP

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