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WATCH: Here’s Proof That Hillary Clinton Is Reading About Mike Pence’s Private Email Drama

Fox Host: I Like Having a President-elect ‘Who Is Tweeting Back’ At ‘Bogus’ Things

POLL: Which Was the Bigger Controversy: Comey’s Email Announcement or Trump’s ‘Pussy Tapes’?

POLL: Clinton Supporters, What Would You Need to See in the Emails Before You’d Stop Supporting Her?

The Mainstream Media Sure Seems Less Obsessed With Latest Clinton Email ‘Bombshell’

Limbaugh: FBI Rekindled Email Investigation Just to Distract Attention From Wikileaks

Giuliani Denies Having Advance Knowledge of Comey Letter, Contradicting Earlier Statement

White House Reacts to Renewed Clinton Probe, Will Neither ‘Defend Nor Criticize’ FBI Director

Limbaugh: FBI Rekindled Email Investigation Just to Distract Attention From Wikileaks

Chris Wallace on FBI Reopening Clinton Probe: ‘This is a Big Deal’

Anti-Trump Group Files DOJ Complaint Against Comey For ‘Interfering in the Presidential Election’

NBC Reporters Refute Idea That Clinton Emails Are ‘Reopening,’ Say Comey Just Using ‘Caution’

FBI Reopens Investigation Into Clinton Server After Finding New Emails

Clinton Chairman and Ally Privately Bashed Email Cover-up: ‘They Wanted to Get Away With It’

Hacked Email Shows Obama Knew About Clinton’s Private Email While Claiming He Didn’t

Blitzer and Clinton Strategist Go At It Over Whether Wikileaks Emails Were Found by Russian Hackers

Hillary Considered Several Billionaire and CEO Clinton Foundation Donors for VP

Leaked Email Reveals Full List of Potential Running Mates Vetted by Clinton Campaign

Clinton Staffer Complained About ‘Angry White Guy U-S-A Chants’ at Trump Rallies

Trump Repeats False Story About Sidney Blumenthal Originating From Russian Propaganda

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