Tapper: Trump’s ‘Lie About General Pershing’ Provides No ‘Moral Clarity’ to Nation


Following the deadly terror attack in Barcelona today, President Donald Trump tweeted out condolences to the victims and stated that the United States condemned the attacks. He also took the opportunity to spread an unfounded claim about a World War I-era general dipping bullets in pigs’ blood before mass murdering Islamic terrorists to stop terror in the region.

This claim is something Trump used on the campaign trail, telling rallygoers that General Pershing lined up 50 terrorists, shot 49 of them with the pigs blood dipped bullets, and stopped terrorism for decades. During today’s broadcast of CNN’s The Lead, anchor Jake Tapper took the president to task for repeating this claim.

After playing a clip of Trump telling his tale, Tapper noted that there is “zero evidence” to support it before criticizing the president for pushing it out there again in the wake of a terror event.

“So, just to be clear, what happened today in the face of a horrific terrorist attack while people are still finding out that loved ones have been killed or injured,” Tapper said. “President Trump just told the world to study a story that is not true. A lie.”

He added, “At times of crisis, the nation turns to its president for reassurance and for truth and for moral clarity and the lie about General Pershing does not provide any of those.”

The CNN host went on compare POTUS’s responses to this attack and the one in Charlottesville while pointing out that this appears to be causing “major distress” within the Republican Party, highlighting Sen. Bob Corker’s strong criticism of the president.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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