#TBT: Mac Miller Performs ‘Donald Trump’ Then Denounces the Candidate of the Same Name


Happy Thursday! You are one day closer to the weekend and it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s time to party! To do that, we are going to do a big, two-part throwback Thursday just for you! And just for me! We deserve it!

So, let’s start with this:

This is Mac Miller performing his song, “Donald Trump.” The track went platinum back in 2011 and was ubiquitous across my university’s campus for weeks. Donald Trump seemed to like it, too, at first. He commented on it, commending Miller for being the “next Eminem.” Once the song got way more successful, though, he threatened to sue the rapper. He didn’t follow through on that.

The feud didn’t really go anywhere, stalling out after a few of Trump’s signature Twitter attacks. Last December, Miller revved it back up, tweeting a series of angry missives about racism before calling Trump out specifically by name. Most notably, he issued this:

Then, last week, Miller appeared on The Nightly Show to deliver a verbal beatdown to Trump without the aid of Twitter or a dope, well-produced beat.

“So you wanted to sue me,” he said, “but then you realized you can’t sue somebody just for being super talented and incredibly good-looking.” It only got better from there, as he went off about racism, making “America white again,” and Trump’s addiction to the spotlight.

He touched on Trump’s refusal to disavow the KKK for 48 hours and the penchant rally-goers have for assaulting people, especially black people. Then, he unleashed this expletive-laden riff on those who claim they want to move to Canada if Trump gets elected:

You know what I’m gonna do if you get elected? I’m staying right the fuck here. That’s right! I’m not going anywhere. I’mma be here every day telling the world how much I hate you, how much of a clown you are, and how we as a nation are better than you will ever be as a racist fuckwad of a human because I love America and I’m never giving it up to a troll like you, you bitch!

Now, I loved this segment, but not necessarily because I am anti-Trump. No, in the spirit of full disclosure and St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, I will tell you a secret, Mediaite readers. I used to be in love with Mac Miller. I had his t-shirts, listened to all his music, and even co-opted his tagline for my own Twitter bio. He is one day younger than I am (because our union is fate) and frequently uses the slogan, “Most dope since ’92.” For much longer than I care to admit, my bio proudly announced that I was the “second most dope since ’92.” Because I lived in the singular cultural isolation of college, I assumed this was not an obscure reference. I assumed incorrectly then, but I’m glad to see that at the very least, this track is relevant again in 2016 because it is straight fire.

Have a happy Thursday, guys! Let’s break some news and have fun!

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