Ted Cruz Releases Birth Certificate, Is Eligible to Run for President, Canadian Parliament


Texas Senator and potential 2016 candidate for the Republican nomination Ted Cruz released his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, in an attempt to quell a minor birther movement that has questioned Cruz’s American citizenship and eligibility to be president.

The certificate confirms that Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada. As his mother was an American citizen, he is one as well, but as he was born on Canadian soil he also became a Canadian citizen. Cruz maintains citizenship for both nations until he formally renounces one or the other.

The dual citizenship allows him to run for President, and also Canadian parliament, should he choose to do so.

Here’s the certificate:

Widely rumored to be prepping a run for President, Cruz has come under fire from some of the same groups that refused to accept Obama’s nationality. Orly Taitz, perhaps the most famous birther short of Donald Trump, wrote earlier this month that Obama had so corrupted the rule of law that it no longer mattered whether Cruz was legally a citizen.

Liberal satirical site the Daily Edge has been having fun with Cruz’s birth certificate all morning:

[h/t Dallas Morning News]

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