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Orly Taitz

The Mainstream Media Conjured President Obama’s ‘Worst Year Ever’

Ted Cruz Releases Birth Certificate, Is Eligible to Run for President, Canadian Parliament

Where Was Fox News’ John Roberts While Reince Priebus Was Losing His Damn Mind?

Rachel Maddow Takes On Georgia Court’s ‘Birther’ Case Against Obama: It’s Like ‘Dividing By Zero’

Rick Perry Flip-Flops On President Obama’s Birth Certificate, Now Has ‘No Doubt’ He’s A US Citizen

Morning Joe Reenacts Rick Perry’s Parade Magazine Birther Interview

Rick Perry Tells Parade Mag ‘I Don’t Have Any Idea’ If President Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Real

Rachel Maddow Wishes Happy Birthday To President Obama With Birther Retrospective

Bill Maher Accuses The Onion Of Plagiarism For Birther ‘Placenta Joke’

Slide Show: Top Ten Things Donald Trump Should Demand to See Next

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Lambastes Orly Taitz, Ends Interview Early

CNN’s John King Manages To Out-Crazy Birther Queen Orly Taitz In Wild Interview

This Exists: Birther Porn

How To Interview Donald Trump: The Birther-Debunker’s Guide To The Universe

Trump Takes Birther Crown From Orly Taitz With Saturday Night Geraldo Appearance

The View From Chicago: Rahm Overlooks The Small Stuff (Again)

Robert Gibbs Responds to Eric Cantor’s Refusal to Reject Birther ‘Crazy Talk’

It Begins: Rep. Eric Cantor Refuses to Reject Birther ‘Crazy Talk’ on Meet the Press

Birthers Unite! Hawaii Governor’s Quest to End Birth Certificate ‘Controversy’ Hits a Dead End

Death Panels Return to Fill Holiday News Dead Zone

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