Ted Cruz’s Master Stroke: ‘The Media and the Left Seem Obsessed With Sex!’


More than a day after Porngate hit, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is still trying to clean up the mess created by his verified Twitter account liking a hardcore porn clip. Yesterday, he attempted to joke his way out of the situation while also fingering a staffer as the culprit.

This afternoon, CNN aired a portion of an interview with Cruz where the conservative Texas lawmaker claimed that the porn like wasn’t “malicious” and was done accidentally by a staffer. However, he was also pressed by Dana Bash on how his porn “screwup” seemed ironic in light of his uber-conservative stances on sex in the past.

The two discussed Cruz’s defense of a Texas law banning the sale of sex toys, with Cruz initially saying it was “totally false” that he was for banning sex toys before Bash corrected him, telling him that he was against the sale of them. He then said it was his job as solicitor general of Texas to defend the law but that he thought it was a “stupid law.” He then proceeded to slam liberals and the media for knocking him over the issue.

“It’s an opportunity for knuckleheads in the media to say ‘Isn’t that ironic that he wants to ban that stuff’… people should be able to do whatever they want,” Cruz noted, leading Bash to ask if he is “okay” with sex toys.

“I am saying that consenting adults should do whatever they want in their bedrooms,” he responded. “And, you know, the media and the left seem obsessed with sex! Let people do what they want!”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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