Ted Nugent Offers To Fix Glenn Beck’s “Ballerina” Hands With Splinters, Oxen

Rocker turned Second Amendment activist Ted Nugent made an appearance on this morning’s Glenn Beck Radio Program to tell America to learn to fend for yourself and get off all that “room service.” And while he was there, he had a bone to pick with Glenn Beck‘s sensitive hands.

The Nuge was out in full force today on the show, suggesting a new theme song (“Trample the Weak; Hurdle the Dead”– “it’s a love song”) and bragging that his son Rocco could be dumped naked into the middle of Brazil and “become king in a day” out of sheer resourcefulnes. Someone who may not quite have those skills? Beck himself, to whom Nugent noted:

“Glenn, you know I love you. You feel the love through this big window, don’t you? You know love is inescapable. But you have the softest hands of a man I have ever seen. We need to get you to the ranch and you need to milk an ox… you need to plunge your fists into gravel, you need to work with wood and get splinters… then your hand’s would not look like a ballerina’s hands.”

Beck sputtered that he didn’t think that sounded like much fun and wasn’t even sure if oxen were meant to be milked, but Nugent insisted, until finally Beck confessed, “I have no skills that would be useful if society breaks down.”

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