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Ted Nugent to NRA Crowd: ‘Obama is the Devil,’ Bernie Sanders Should ‘Eat Sh*t and Die!’

This weekend’s National Rifle Association annual meeting wrapped up Sunday with a bang, as it were, as staunch pro-gun rock musician Ted Nugent continued his uninterrupted streak of incendiary and violent statements about liberal politicians by slamming President Obama, likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential challenger Bernie Sanders.

Nugent said of our current president, whom he once wished would “suck” on his “machine gun,” that “everything he does is insane,” and that “the guy is the Devil”:

Nugent also told the crowd that “Hillary Clinton wants to disarm you,” despite the fact that both Hillary and Obama have said they recognize gun ownership as an individual constitutional right, and had some choice words for Bernie Sanders as he was endorsing Donald Trump:

“Donald Trump is the [expletive] kicker,” the rock guitarist/gun rights advocate said in a speech billed as “Ted Nugent: 2016 Election Do or Die for America and Freedom.”

He took particular aim at Bernard Sanders, the self-described socialist who is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, saying the Vermont senator is “preaching communism.” Mr. Nugent said 58,000 American warriors died fighting communism – presumably referring to the death toll in Vietnam.

“Hey Bernie: eat [expletive] and die,” said Mr. Nugent, who is known as the “Motor City Madman.” “[Put] that on MSNBC!”

Nugent’s speech wrapped up a conference that saw the NRA officially endorse Donald Trump, and featured sustained and vigorous attacks on Hillary Clinton.

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