Texas Gov: Dallas Cowboys Defense ‘More Porous Than the Texas Border’

greg-abbottThe Dallas Cowboys’ overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints irritated Texas Gov. Greg Abbott so much, he decided to compare the former’s lack of defense to his state’s “porous” southern border with Mexico.

Abbott spent much of Sunday tweeting about Texas’ professional sports teams, including the Rangers and the Astros’ success in making the MLB playoffs. But it was when the governor turned his attention to the football game later that night that he decided to express his opinion about the Cowboys’ defense (or lack thereof):

Combining sports hot takes with state, national and international politics in 140 characters or less? You’re bound to garner a few responses of varying kinds:

Then again, Abbott’s sporting expertise fell on deaf Twitter ears, as @cowboy isn’t the official handle for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s actually owned by a Boston-based developer:

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