Texas Officials Issue Travel Ban for Dallas Health Care Workers

After days of people clamoring for an Ebola travel ban, one has finally been put in place. Texas state healths officials have issued a public transportation ban for all of the health care workers who came in contact with Ebola patient Thomas Duncan before he died.

The Texas Department of State Health Services issued a number of measures [PDF] that they want taken to monitor everyone who came near Duncan, including this very important one:

No individual who entered the first Ebola patient’s room can travel by commercial transportation until 21 days after that individual’s last exposure. These individuals should not travel by commercial conveyances (e.g. airplane, ship, long-distance bus, or train). Local use of public transportation (e.g. taxi, bus) by asymptomatic individuals should be discussed with the public health authority.

In addition, these health care workers are being ordered not to go to public places like restaurants and theaters, they are to be monitored twice a day, and they have the option to stay at the hospital for monitoring.

This comes, of course, after one of the nurses who came in contact with Duncan was revealed to have flown from Cleveland to Dallas a day before she reportedly started developing symptoms. The CDC is now attempting to track down people who may have come in contact with that nurse on the plane.

[h/t USA Today]
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