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Sanjay Gupta Calls Himself Less Liberal Than CNN Colleagues in Playboy Interview

guptaCNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta sat down with Playboy for an in-depth discussion about all things health care-related, as well as the media’s impact on spreading panic and how liberal he is compared to everyone else at CNN.

He acknowledges the media can gin up a lot of panic-mongering around something like Ebola, but says the reason he got into the news biz was to help people “make sense of the immense amount of information out there.” Gupta does admit, though, that “you can’t dismiss people’s fears” and ultimately, it’s “up to you to make smart decisions about your health and health care.”

Gupta also has some thoughts on Dr. Oz and the blowback he’s been getting for promoting “miracle” diet cures on his show. Gupta respects Oz and says, “It might have gone over the line, but I don’t think he’s irresponsible. Ninety-nine percent of his messages are completely accurate and really important.”

He calls Obamacare good but flawed, and had some kind words for Hillary Clinton. Gupta admitted he’s biased, but talks up her record on issues like health care and foreign policy. As for his personal politics, though…

I’m a pretty liberal guy. Being journalists, we work our whole careers predicated on freedom of speech. I value humanitarian causes that are liberal, so I probably lean more liberal, though not as liberal as all my colleagues within CNN.

Also, because this is Playboy, he got a masturbation question. You can read the full interview here.

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