‘That’s Wrong’: Shep Smith Says National Weather Service ‘Lied to Us’ Over Blizzard Prediction

It has been reported that the National Weather Service actually knew that the blizzard predicted to hit New York City earlier this week wouldn’t produce the large amount of snow they initially stated. However, the NWS decided to keep pushing the worst-case scenario so as not to “confuse” the public.

Regarding this decision, Fox News anchor Shep Smith criticized the agency for misleading the public, directly accusing them of lying.

“When you change the forecast and you don’t tell us, you’re misinforming us,” he stated. “You’re telling us you believe one thing when you believe another. In short, if the National Weather Service knew one thing was predicted but told us something else, the National Weather Service lied to us. And that’s wrong.”

Smith would go on to detail that the the weather system itself is still dangerous and deadly, leading to the deaths of three people. He also highlighted the high-winds and record snowfalls in certain areas along the East Coast.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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