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What to Expect from World of Warcraft: The Magazine

wowmagBlizzard, the gaming company behind World of Warcraft, has announced that they are collaborating with special interest publisher Future to launch a 148-page, advertisement-free quarterly magazine based on the enormously popular game. This follows the recent news that Sam Raimi will direct a World of Warcraft movie. World of Warcraft: the Magazine will target the 11.5 million subscribers to the online MMORPG — but they may not be eager to pay $40 a year on top of their current monthly subscription fees.

In an era when the print industry is stagnating and magazines are trying to be more like websites, trying to capture online gamers with a print magazine is an ambitious idea. According to CNET News and CrunchGear, WoW: the Magazine will attempt to entice readers with “beautiful game related art,” “behind the scenes access” at Blizzard, and contributions from “a panel of international journalists.” What other innovations might we expect from the upstart gaming magazine?



  • Rather than being able to turn directly to a desired page, readers will have to spend hours traversing every page between themselves and their destination
  • Exhaustive 25-page profile of viral hero Leeroy Jenkins
  • Free promotional sponge bath kit to ensure that readers don’t need to leave room to bathe
  • Groundbreaking voice chat interface will allow readers to swear, hurl racial epithets at other subscribers in real time
  • Collaborative series with newly-launched sister publication wowOwow: the Magazine to focus on gender issues in fantasy gaming, in columns like “Why I Broke it Off With My Guild Master,” and “Is ‘She-Orc’ a Sexist Phrase?”
  • 20% of all content will behave antithetically to the pleasurable reading of a magazine, and will only be in Mandarin

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