The Associated Press Gets Busted Tweeting Fake Trump vs. Clinton Electoral Map

There are a lot of ways to do clickbait, but when you’re the world’s most respected and widely-known news wire service, making stuff up should not be one of them. On Saturday, the AP Twitter account posted a tweet encouraging readers to check out its interactive 2016 electoral map:

One sharp-eyed Twitter user, political writer Sarah Kendzior, noticed something amiss with the AP’s map, though:

As you can see, the current AP map has Hillary Clinton whipping Donald Trump badly, 269 to 191 electoral votes.

Now, in “fairness” to the AP, they could argue that they didn’t want to give away the results of their analysis in the tweet, but then they could have easily tweeted out the “blank map” that’s offered as an option on the site.

Kendzior has been tracking a series of Associated Press trends that would seem to benefit Trump, which earned her this ironically undiplomatic tweet from Associated Press diplomatic writer Matt Lee:

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