‘The Chaos and Sloppiness Defense’: Morning Joe Reacts to Kushner Statement


Morning Joe took a curve ball Monday when Presidential son-in-law and secretary of everything, Jared Kushner released an 11-page statement denying any collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

At various points in the show’s first hour, there was awkward silences as panelists raced to comb through the document. The takes and analysis didn’t take long and when they came they flowed hot and fast.

First out of the gate was MSNBC staff journalist Kasie Hunt, who pithily summed up the statement as the “chaos and sloppiness defense.”

“I’m just trying to wrap my head around this entire statement,” she said on set. “I would say this is essentially the chaos and sloppiness defense. Essentially Jared Kushner is explaining away point by point, all of the concerning things and offering his version of events that essentially make things that may seem to be problematic, simply the result of someone overlooking something.”

Hunt was likely reacting to one of Kushner’s more brazen claims, that he didn’t know the Russians were behind that infamous meeting in Trump Tower with him, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, a Russian lawyer — and many others. Trump Jr. forwarded him an email saying that was the case, but Kushner is claiming he didn’t read it fully.

Clint Watts (of follow the dead Russians fame) said he was more concerned with Kushner’s forgetfulness on official disclosure forms, or SF86 forms.

“I just know from having worked in government, I probably have filled out a dozen FS86’s in my career and if I had made those kind of mistakes, I would be immediately flagged or held out for review and probably rejected,” said Watts. “I think that’s a major oversight, and now we are looking with someone who has been tasked with enormous responsibility in this administration to solve what are supposedly many different foreign policy and technical issues, we put it all to rest on this one person and now we’re finding out there are hundreds of contacts.”

Kushner is set to meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee today in a closed hearing and will not be under oath.

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