The FBI and Interior Dept. Actually Tweeted About Parks & Rec Finale


(Warning: Parks & Rec spoilers ahead.)

The final episode of the hit NBC show Parks & Recreation aired last night. There was a lot to take in with all the time-jumps and looks at where all these characters will be in the future. There was some ambiguity as to whether Leslie Knope or her husband Ben Wyatt ended up as President of the United States by 2048, as well as closure for pretty much every other major character on the show.

And Ron Swanson, the libertarian icon, ended his story––as the superintendent of a national park––on an interesting note. On the one hand, he gets to roam the woods alone and preserve it for future generations. On the other hand, he has to work for the federal government, which the Swanson of the past would be appalled by.

But because his job would basically make Swanson an employee of the Interior Department, the actual Interior Department tweeted about the finale last night:

But it wasn’t just the Interior Department that tweeted about the show, the National Parks Service tweeted their farewell, along with the Twitter accounts for various national parks all over the country:

And on top of all that, the FBI got involved too.

For non-fans of the show, here’s a brief recap: Andy Dwyer has had a long-running fake FBI persona called Bert Macklin. He’s donned this persona when conducting super-secret investigations and interrogating threats to national security (sort of).

And so, today, this happened:

And as a special bonus, Vice President Joe Biden made yet another cameo in the finale, and he also tweeted about the finale:

Well, how’s that for a sendoff?

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