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The New Courtroom: Tila Tequila Tweets Her Choking Case

tila_9-10It’s been nearly a week since San Diego Chargers star linebacker Shawne Merriman was arrested after reality TV…”star” Tila Tequila accused him of choking her. Since then Merriman and his attorneys have put out several statements denying any wrongdoing and planting the seed that Tequila was drunk at the time.

She hasn’t put out any official statements, but over the span of literally hundreds of tweets on the subject, I think it’s safe to say we know where Tila is coming from.

She has used her active Twitter feed to connect with fans and early in the week made a couple comments about the matter. Then, she sent a flurry of tweets that she later deleted. But last night, over the span of more than 100 tweets, she touched on a variety of subjects. It sort of makes the idea she’s not releasing official statements moot.

Here’s a few:


But because HE IS GUILTY…..he feels it right to justify and release as many horrible stories about me as possible to cover himself….

Im serious. Him and his people already released like 5 official statements to cover his ass and I have released ZERO! Why do u think it is?

I think it is because Tila Tequila has a better way to get her point across – Twitter.

With nearly 250,000 followers, she has the ability to connect to her fans and get her message out to the public. Last night she successfully made #ChargersSuck a trending topic by RT’ing it over and over again – and having her followers do the same. She also used some RTs to further hit Merriman in a personal way:

RT @bigpanda76 @officialtila hey tila can you go back to SM’s house and take his roid’s so he don’t cheat? <---damn that's a low blow!!! RT @TRacsTitans31 @officialTila The Chargers are overroided.. I mean overrated.<====OUCH! LMFAO! That's not nice! =P

None of this touched the tone of the deleted tweets from a couple days ago. Here’s one of the great, succinct ones, that sounds like an episode title for Law & Order: SVU: “Blue Balls VS Blue Neck”.

Now that the DA is looking into the case, these tweets from Tila are likely to be part of the discussion. It’s amazing her lawyer thinks this is a good idea – that’s assuming he approved this action.

As an oversharing celeb, her fans and fellow interested followers stay satisfied with the constant flow of information. But when it comes to her day in court, will Twitter help or hurt Tequila?

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