The New York Times Allows You To Destroy Their Own Website With Awesome Game

The latest edition of the New York Times Magazine has a lengthy article about addictive games from Tetris to Angry Birds. It’s all about how and why these simple games take over our lives, keeping us from focussing on relationships, chores, work…

…sorry. Got distracted. Just made this awesome Draw Something drawing. I totally drew a killer Darth Vader. Anyway, to help promote the piece, the online version of the article has an addictive game of its own, a game in which you get to blow up The New York Times as you read it!

The game is called Kick Ass and it was created by 18 Swede Erik Rothoff Andersson. It’s available for users to put on any website but not any website is The New York Times.

So, whether you’re playing the game to see a fun an clever way to illustrate a fascinating article or playing it to destroy that which you’ve been told is a bastion of liberal propaganda, it’s all pretty awesome. Check it out!

(h/t Poynter)

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