The Strange Tale Of Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men, CNN’s Erin Burnett And A Singer Named ‘Erin Burkett’

Ron Suskind‘s new book Confidence Men has been making waves for its unflattering portrayal of an Obama White House replete with sexism and incompetence. Now, Suskind himself is in the spotlight… along with CNN’s Erin Burnett and a singer out of Pittsburgh. Sit back, grab a box of Jujubes, give us some, and then allow us to explain the strange, sad saga of Erin Burkett….

See, in his book, Suskind misspells Burnett’s name as “Erin Burkett.” In an article published online earlier today, USA Today picked up on the misspelling, as well as on other mistakes in the book:

The book, officially released today, does have its share of errors. Erin Burnett, then a journalist with CNBC and now with CNN, is identified as Erin Burkett; David Axelrod is identified as Obama’s 2008 campaign manager; that title actually belonged to David Plouffe.

In the book, Suskind says the unemployment rate in June of 2009 stood at 8.0%; it was actually 9.5%.

“I would caution anyone to assume that if you can’t get those things right, that you suddenly get the broader analysis right,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney. “That analysis is wrong.”

Then, on the Today, co-host Ann Curry corrected the spelling of Burnett’s name… but mistakenly referred to her place of work as CNBC, not CNN.

And then, as always, there’s Twitter’s role in this increasingly strange story: In response to the media attention surrounding Suskind’s mistake, a new @ErinBurkett account has been created. And, evidently, @ErinBurkett is no great fan of @ErinBurnettCNN:

We’ve heard from a source close to Burnett that the anchor “may respond.”

BUT THEN ALSO: Erin Burkett actually exists. She’s a jazzy, bluesy singer with very nice hair, and she may end up on Out Front, Erin Burnett’s CNN show. In the meantime, here’s a reminder, from the show’s Twitter account, on how to spell its star’s name:

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