Rush Limbaugh: Skin Color Is The Only Thing Saving Obama From Black Caucus’ Pitchforks

Rush: Skin Color Is The Only Thing Saving Obama From Black Caucus' Pitchforks

One of the biggest memes in conservative media in the past few months has been the idea that liberals now hate Barack Obama. Nonsense rumors about Democratic usurpers have been latched onto, Fox News will pretend that Jon Stewart isn’t just an “untrustworthy clown” for a few minutes if they can find an Obama joke to play, and, for the first time in 2008, right-wing talk radio hosts are talking about something other than their hate for this President; someone else’s hate for him.

Whether any of this has any actual credence or not (let’s be honest, no matter how disappointed the liberal base may get, they sure as hell ain’t voting for Perry), it’s certainly become a popular topic. One big instance of proof has been comments from members of the Congressional Black Caucus like that of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver who said that, were Bill Clinton and any other President in office with black unemployment stats where they are, the CBC would be “marching on the White House.” But, since it’s Obama, “there is a less-volatile reaction.”

The conservative blogosphere seized on the comments yesterday. Unsurprising considering they imply an admission that Obama has failed as well as, in the eyes of those that already don’t like the CBC, a certain amount of hypocrisy. If you can think of a better “two birds, one stone” type story, I’d love to see it.

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh was continuing the “Dems+Obama=:(” narrative, bringing up the CBC story as well as bringing up the column by Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman entitled “Why Obama should withdraw,” using it as proof that the media (read: “liberals”) have completely turned against Obama.

“This is what all these people in the media now understand, that [Obama] alone is not worth saving. Liberalism is. So he’s now cast aside-able. And Chapman joins an ever-growing chorus of people who do not think the economy is going to turn around before November 2012. And why would it?

I think yesterday proved that Obama can not handle the office of the Presidency. He’s perverted it. He’s made it a laughing stock. He’s just not smart enough, folks.”

One can remember the exact same kind of meme during Bush’s second term when the liberal media would pounce all over any story that seemed to suggest that a Republican didn’t love Bush.

History repeats itself. The party out of power always seems to want to be able to say, “See! Even they don’t like this guy!”

Listen to the Limbaugh clip below:


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