The View‘s Raven: ‘We Already Have a Rape Culture,’ Don’t Give Students Guns


Today on The View, the women of the panel discussed the University of Texas’ announcement that students will now be permitted to carry guns to class. None of them were at all excited about the prospect of “volatile” and “impressionable” young adults having firearms on campus.

Joy Behar said she’d rather send her kids to New Zealand than Texas, saying, “I think it’s the most dangerous thing!”

Raven-Symoné also pointed out that students on college campuses often experiment with liquor. Then, she went on:

We also have to — I’m sorry, but we also have to consider — and I hate to — there’s a rape culture on campuses. And then you’re gonna put guns in the hands. And then you’re gonna put alcohol in the hands. And then you’re gonna blame them for something without giving them the right education in the first place. That’s unacceptable.

When she brought up rape culture, Raven was referring to what some believe are epidemic levels of sexual assault on college campuses. (Anyone who knows of her acting history and former associates could assume that the topic of consent is close to her heart.)

As Candace Cameron-Bure pointed out, though, it isn’t children who will be having the guns at school, but adults; anyone carrying a weapon, even under the new rules at UT, must be 21 and go through gun safety courses.

Behar, who has a background in teaching, pushed back on that, saying she felt that quality educators could pass over the school out of fear of violent retribution for bad grades. This, of course, wouldn’t be fair to the students who would be deprived of those teachers’ insights and lessons.

As the debate wore on, this tweet appeared at the bottom of the screen:

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