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The Webbys, In Five Words

Webby Awards were last night.
Internet Famous, Cipriani Wall Street.
Oddly, no Foursquare super-swarm.
I, personally, liked BJ Novak.
Great show, free-flowing Bellinis.
Jimmy Fallon: Super-nice dude.
Amy Poehler hugged me. Jealous?
Isabella Rossellini: Sexiest Gulf message!
Roger Ebert: We love you.
No, really, we LOVE you.
Standing O, so well deserved.
One more time: LOVE YOU!
OK Go were ok great.
Auto-tune sang in harmony.
P.S. 22 also sang – adorable, inspirational.
Chicken or fish? Have both!
Bonus! There were also muppets.
Eclectic Method mashed it up.
Vint Cerf: Cool name, made Internet.
Lisa Kudrow thanked some peeps.
Amy Poehler: Super-duper pregs!
Will Arnett is Canadian, yo.
Jason Bateman, better with age.
(I loved “It’s Your Move“)
Jake minus Amir seemed lonely.
Arianna turned heads walking by.
So did Pete Cashmore. Rawr.
Gilbert Gottfried – Iago the Parrot!!!
Chatroulette dude was young, sweet.
Ben Folds was hilarious, talented.
Pretty damn impressive lineup, Webbys.
Later on, bros iced bros.
Photobooth line at afterparty: Nuts.
I left. Party raged on.

Some great 5-word speeches:

Roger Ebert (didn’t need 5): “Veni, vidi, vici!”

Amy Poehler: “Me, you, P.S.22 — Dance Party.”

Jake from College Humor: “Holy fucking shit — BUZZ ALDRIN!”

Buzz Aldrin: “Humanity. Colonization. Phobos. Monolith. Mars!”

Auto-Tune the News (sung): “Everything sounds better Auto-Tuned!”

Biz Stone: “Every character counts. Thank you.”

Isabella Rossellini: “I say: Plug the hole!”

T: The New York Times Style Magazine: “The Grey Lady wears Prada.”

All About Birds: “Save the Gulf Coast birds.” “Wanna read it all? Subscribe!”

Here is a photo gallery:

Videos of a few speeches:

More speeches here. More videos here. Bros icing bros here.

All photos by Rachel Sklar, except for screengrabs of people getting Webbys, from the Webby YouTube page. Writing this felt like haiku.

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