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1Depending on how far your head is into the media world you may or may not be aware that Mediaite launched yesterday….and then intermittently unlaunched as our servers were overwhelmed with traffic. Not an ideal situation, but also not a bad problem to have on your first day!

Based upon a somewhat obsessive reading of our Twitter feed it was clear the media world had some things to say about our arrival on the media landscape. We’ve put together a highlight reel of sorts.

    Howie Kurtz kicked the day off with an exclusive on Mediaite. He talked a lot about our Power Grid results (which had all shifted by launch, btw, and again since launch, and will continue to do so!). Howie also noted his rank (this became a theme) as well as the fact that a lot of people are worried that there may arise, at some point down the line, some editorial problems because we plan on throwing salons! our publisher Dan Abrams also owns the media strategy firm Abrams Research (also a theme).

    Paid Content meanwhile waited up till two in the morning(!) for our “oddly named site” to go live. They also suggested that we’d borrowed our contributor strategy from HuffPo by “trying to get as many free contributors as possible, Bonnie Fuller among them, according to the WaPo story.” Which actually isn’t true, but it was two in the morning so we will make allowances! Also, we wish we’d thought of this hed.

    • Because they were up early Gawker and Politico got a good look.

    • Then a whole slew of people tried to find out where they ranked and who was ahead of and behind them, and that’s when we ran into problems.

    • People in far-flung places were also apparently paying attention.

    • Daily Intel decided it was time to take the high road! (Answer: No, they’re not “boinking.”)

    • Media Matters did its own addition.

    Rachel Sklar and Colby Hall did a Q&A with

    • We did a Q&A with our old haunt FishbowlNY.

    Jack Shafer, who couldn’t actually get on the site, instead took some time to advise us re problems we could potentially face, one day, maybe. Also, some notes on the building of fire walls and good weeding practices.

    Will Leitch clarifies (if the site traffic jam wasn’t enough proof) that everyone in media is guilty of navel-gazing! Also, he loves the rankings and has further ‘ite’ suggestions for future websites. Considering the way Joe the Plumber took to opining on the airwaves last year we think he may be onto something with Plumberite.

    • Also, Twitter.

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