They Call Him Flipper: Mitt Romney Does Double-Flip On The 99%

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is already famous for changing positions more often than a porn star with Restless Leg Syndrome, but his latest is a rare faster than lightning double-flip. Just last week, he was haranguing an apparent Occupy protester for “trying to divide the nation” into the 99% and the 1%. Yesterday, though, Romney happily co-opted the OWS division, telling Univision “”The 1 percents doing fine. I want to help the 99 percent.”

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That protester asked Romney “What will you do to support the 99%,” which enraged the former Governor at the time, but his remarks yesterday sound an awful lot like a much nicer answer to that question. “The 1 percents doing fine,” he said. “I want to help the 99 percent. I want to help middle Americans get jobs that pay good wages, and I’m going to go to work to do that.”

Progressive PAC American Bridge chronicled Romney’s new-found affinity for America-divvying in a new web video:

But that’s not all!

Several months before he went off on that Occupy protester for “trying to divide the nation,” Gov. Romney divided the nation, although he altered the math slightly. In another moment immortalized by American Bridge, Romney told a crowd that he wanted to provide help to “the great middle class, the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country.”

Yes, he said “us,” and yes, he said he did not want to help the poor.

This near-360 of class pandering illustrates the difficulty of Romney’s “politics of envy” talking point: he’s basically telling the same group of people “You’re just jealous of me! Now vote for me!”

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